How to Use Promo Code for Rainbow Shopping List Pro?

To use a promo code for Rainbow Shopping List Pro, first make sure that the version of your app is or newer than 1.8. The version number can be found in the first row of Settings.


Next, bring up the option menu and choose Enter Promo Code, as shown below.


Alternatively, for devices that don’t have option menu button, you can launch the promo code page by following these two steps (you’ll need version 1.8.1) :-



Touch on the Shopping Bot icon (little blue robot icon) at the bottom left of your screen.

In the dialog that shows up, select Enter Promo Code



Once you’re in the promo code page, enter your promo code into the text box and hit activate


Rainbow List will validate the promo code and inform you whether the activation is successful.

How to create a location reminder?

Requirement: Pro Version (How to check whether you’re using pro or free)

1) Open up the reminder page by either

(a) Long-pressing on a list, or


(b) By using the dropdown menu next to the list name where the items are showing



2) Touch Add Reminder to add a new reminder



3) This is how a new reminder looks like. Both the time reminder and location reminder are inactive by default. Tap on a reminder to edit.


4) Once your in “Edit Reminder”, select a location by pressing on the button indicated by 1 in the following picture


5) To complete, tap on the ON/OFF toggle button indicated by 2 in the image above.

6) Make sure that you’re location reminder status now shows “ON” and your location reminder is ready to go!